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"The Act of Aging, Volume One"

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"The Act of Aging - Volume One: Pre-planning for Your Emotional and Relational Future"

"Thank you Christine. I am reading through your guide at present. I have not finished it yet, I will keep reading over the weekend. I think it is great! You have many gems which I have already highlighted. I particularly like your emphasis on emotional memory and relationships. I have found that crucial in my work as well as a music therapist, caregiver. I am enjoying the read. Honestly, great job!"

- Christina Tadin, MTA, MT-BC

Co-Founder at Memcara, Music Therapist

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Longevity includes continuing to live after others IN your life reach END of life. Losses increase with time. To pre-plan for your emotional well-being, Christine A. Smith gives you a guide to fill your “CareGriever Kit.” Choosing to create self-care is the beginning of grieving well. Christine describes how to approach this sorrow-soothing practice. She lists many items and ways to use your kit contents. The next wave of grief could be anticipatory or an anniversary. Your future losses could be sudden, subtle, or expected. Pack your own provisions for a journey on your own terms. Your “CareGriever Kit” is under your control when your emotions and circumstances are not. With it, you decide to sorrow and to smile again.