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"PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal" 

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52 Aspects of Aging: Dealing with the Emotions of Growing Older

MY GENERATION NEEDS THIS BOOK TO BUILD A BRIDGE, ON THEIR OWN TERMS, INTO THE FUTURE. You and I are mature adults living into the THIRD third of our lives. We don’t have to just 'get through it'—we can OWN IT. “PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal” is our OWNER’S manual.

FEELINGS are what affect everything as you’re aging. How others feel about your aging affects your relationships. Put both hands on the helm. Initiate navigating now. ‘PreAct Your Age’ while your mind is clear, your emotions are calm, and your relationships are growing deeper.

I'll give you the FIRST answers for each Aspect of Aging in these short clips:

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It’s not a soothing metaphor. It’s real. It might even get heavy. Downsize elsewhere. Keep the kit.

Pre-plan for your emotional well-being. Christine A. Smith, #AgingEnthusiast and caregiver in nearly 100 homes, gives you a guide. This short-read is practical instruction for your own “CareGRIEVER Kit.”
Choosing self-care is a first step. Christine gives you a customizable list of steps to choose and use. Find yourself and your style of coping, resetting, and really GRIEVING WELL in these pages.Future losses may be sudden, subtle, or expected. Longevity will include continuing to live-on when others IN your life reach their END-of-life. Respond—now. Pack your own provisions for each of these heart journeys on your own terms. Anniversaries, triggers, and memories will surface. With your “CareGRIEVER Kit,” you decide how you will sorrow and how you will smile again.