Adaptive Equipment Corner is the resource website of Christina and Cindy Hardin-Weiss who give demonstrations, tips, and lists of senior services all helpful to safely care for someone.

AgeUcate is an organization providing caregiver education, life enrichment, consulting, CE units, “Ageless Grace” activities, and dementia-empathy experiences.

Aging Care provides an unvetted platform for individuals to write and post questions about problems they are personally experiencing and read answers, support, and options offered by other individuals

Ageless Grace®, developed by Denise Medved, is a highly effective brain fitness program that keeps participants moving and thinking through the power of play. Because wellness shouldn’t have to be boring or painful – in fact, it should be fun! There’s a free class to download and experience. 100% of users reported medical and emotional improvement.

Alban Maino is CEO of Memory Lane TV on-demand programming designed for care partners and Alzheimer/dementia recipients. His team has developed multi-sensory stimulation (without plots to follow) to combat some of the common behavioral symptoms.

Alicia Reid, Dementia Educator at Serenity Alzheimer's and Dementia Training, infuses her caregiving expertise into several books for other who are learning to care. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

Barbara Karnes, RN is a hospice veteran, author of booklets that answer and assure at end-of-life, a blogger, award-winning innovator and International Humanitarian Woman of the Year.

Bridget Doherty, exclusive owner/operator of Get Better Medicare private health insurance company in Colorado, tells you how to get the best coverage options in your area or traveling area.

Caregiver Magazine publishes interviews with aging industry leaders and celebrities, and articles with information, issues, and advice related to giving assistance.

Celia Koudele encourages you to get in touch…and please feel free to contact her using the form on this page, if you have any questions regarding: “The Little Book for Alzheimers Caregivers.” Every day with Alzheimer’s can be different, but you only must deal with One Day at a time.

Cherian Jacobs created the Clifint CareGenie for peace of mind and instant assistance at home or for care facilities. CareGenie has been recognized as an Alexa smart properties senior care solution provider.

Christine Dziedzic has provided a “Drive Through Funeral Services” styled DIY Memorial Service Event Planning Resource. Miss U Much has been built through collaborations of a variety of helpful companies for creating a celebration of life.

Christine Mullholland has created Remember Stuff, software with hardware designed for secure interconnections with safe people and engaging activities for anyone challenged by technology.

CircleOf, a phone app, gives you and all who volunteer to help with your loved one a place to consolidate tasks, to-dos, key documents and appointments so it's easier to organize rides, meals, childcare, home help, doctor visits, medication times and more. Calendar integration makes it easy to see what's coming up ‒ inside the app, and on your “real” calendar.

Companion Pets champions playfulness, integrating technology with soft huggables. Their interactive, animatronic cats and pups lessen stress and loneliness.

Consuela Marshall is an occupational therapist and the author of KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL CAREGIVING. You can also contact her by email or for a free consultation through her website.

David Speaks is dynamic in his industry. The Funeral Guy Recruitment & Placement Service is a recruiting and placement service is designed to enhance the funeral profession by matching high-level funeral professionals with top-tier funeral homes in the U.S.

Dean Lambert heads The Love Always Project, promoting discussion about end-of-life issues, providing expert information, and encouraging people to preplan and pay for their funeral.

Deborah Kan, founder Being Patient is the leading online community for Alzheimer's & dementia patients & caregivers.

Dementia Alliance International is a registered non-profit organisation whose membership is exclusively for people with a medically confirmed diagnosis of any type of a dementia from all around the world.

Elizabeth B. Miller guides Happy, Healthy Caregivers through one-on-one coaching, prompted journal, podcasts, virtual café, keynote speaking, and personal connection with many other support programs.

Gail Elliot, Gerontologist, Dementia Specialist, founder of DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. makes connects the brain, a person’s life story, the environment and behaviour.

HANK the app (NYC now, but receiving funding to go nation-wide) connects people aged 55+ with others in their geographical community and the events like art workshops, pickleball, coffee meet-ups, and skydiving. Co-founders Brian Park and Andrew Hong noticed an age bias: a misconception in the tech industry that older generations don’t understand or want new technology. They plan to out-design the social networking of Facebook & MeetUp that caters to 30’s or younger and out-market niche social groups that do not build whole-demographic engagement.

Heidi Gross is the publisher and creative director for Celebrating Life Over 55 (Autumn Years) Magazine for Bergen County, New Jersey. In addition to covering local events, the magazine provides reading material meaningful for maturing adults.

Hilarity for Charity has a heart, lends a hand, and uses their heads for YOU, caregiving professionals, loved ones, partners, and friends. Scroll, choose, register, and drop-in for support, ideas, and options. Free. Seven days a week.

Homemods is the National Directory of Home Modification and Repair Resources. Home modification refers to converting, repairing, or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living. It lists resources for featured programs, funding, service providers, and consumer materials for each state. (USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and Fall Prevention Center of Excellence.)

Ian Spero, Agile Ageing Alliance founder, wrote about Planning Neighbourhoods of Opportunity and Talent.

Jennifer Bute is a Retired General Practitioner diagnosed with Alzheimers. She is active on social media, writing about how this condition affects daily life and relationships. She lists several other organizations and individuals on her Facebook page as resources.

Jill Couch is an occupational therapist, certified DAWN dementia specialist, and the founder of Better People Care, LLC. Helping older adults live fully in their own homes, the team at Better People Care is committed to bringing skill, heart, and expert dementia and senior. Their website recommends resources such as “On Grief and Grieving” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler.

Jolene Hill knows family conversations bring peace of mind. Share your life story & future wishes in one easy to use ‘Your Life Talks’ App. Engage, create a cherished keepsake, ensure your family knows your future wishes for up to SIX family members on that one App.

Joe Casciani, PhD, hosts the Living to 100 Club Podcast/Blog/Website and provides “Reimaging Your Resilience 1 to1 online coaching. Dr. Joe speaks to in-person proactive aging and caregiving groups.

Keren Etkin. “The Gerontechnologist”, informs and updates in The Age Tech Digest.

She also released The AgeTech Revolution published on Amazon which has reached bestseller status.

Kimberly Best, RN, MA, speaker and author, offers elder mediation, family & relationship mediation,conflict coaching, and is TN Rule 31 civil listed and family trained.

Kimberly Whiter advises individuals and families struggling to cover the costs of elder care. She helps families find a more positive financial solution in their aging and caring situations and always provides FREE consultations.

LaShonda Renae Maxfield, licensed attorney, real estate agent, business/healthcare consultant and more, invites you to complete her Road To 100K Course in as little as 5 minutes. Her goal: to make 100K FAMILIES literate in the pre-planning of their end of life estate legalities together.

LCAO (Leadership Council of Aging Organizations) advocates on issues to drive policy legislation in health, economic disparities, housing, and long-term support services impacting older populations.

Link to a list includes links to aging services, advocating organizations, and informational government websites.

Liz Miller works at GET SET UP, a mission-driven technology company dedicated to empowering older adults through remote learning. Community led groups, conversations, and involvements are available LIVE on a schedule.

LOLA or Loss of Life Advocates is named after the founder's mother. Esther Cardenas Pipoly is a mental health concierge - holding an employee's hand from loss to living again during life's most difficult moments or helping those who needs to shut down a family business due to death plus much more.

Mark Yamada is the founder and CEO of Aging in Home Technology, providing safety and quality of life solutions. Mark is an NAHB CAPS - Certified Aging in Place Specialist using his gaming creation & design skills to customize assistive technology.

Mary Beth Flynn guides Artfully Aging, a watercolor art program for seniors. Our program serves seniors living in all settings from aging in place to skilled nursing centers and everything in between.

Mary Wells survived years of mastectomy, chemo, and radiation with a supportive husband, pre-school son, and multiple side-effects. She has created a BREAST CANCER kit for anyone in those dark days. Donation-basis. Included below is an interview where she shares about her kit at the end.

Melissa (Godwin) Overton is founder/owner/manager of that provides certified trainers online for safety, healthcare, and medical continued education with up to date content, unique visualizations, and humor.

Mike George MSc focuses exclusively on helping family caregivers navigate the complex world of care. Soaring Families is a new approach to caregiving that empowers the whole family.

Nancy (Bessman) Werteen, reporter with WFMZ-TV69 and Co-Founder of The Wisdom Coalition learned that her podcast is in the top 10% of listenership Feb 2022.

Nancy May of Caremanity is the host of Doing it with Best Eldercare Success podcast, the author of How to Survive 911 MEDICAL emergencies and provides a free FILE OF LIFE for emergency information.

Nathan Estrada is a Physical Therapist and the Nymbl Science expert. He has proven method based on scientific proof. Specific physical movements while the brain is correctly engaged will improve the balance reflex. When you stumble, you sway to recover.

NEXT AVENUE is PBS' first venture to begin on the Internet rather than on broadcast television. Featured articles are curated for people over 50.

Nicole Christina, author of “Not Just Chatting” master podcaster book, interviews guests about our metamorphosis and how we navigate aging for a satisfying, meaningful life with no regrets.

Oprah Winfrey is the Executive Producer of The Color of Care documentary is streaming now on the Smithsonian Channel.

Pam Ostrowski, Founder of Alzheimer’s Family Consulting, Dementia Family Consultant, and author of the Alzheimer’s guidebook “It’s Not That Simple: Helping

Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey.”

Paula Solgado of Saving Memories, LLC, talks Autism and Alzheimers and developed an early intervention dementia cognition program to slow down the progression plus a late stage program.

Peter Bowes of the Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) podcast hacks the aging process. He interviews world-renowned scientists, future thinkers, biohackers, as well as inspiring individuals who have already mastered the aging process.

Positive Aging Quotient sheds light on caregiver stress and examines the impacts of caregiving responsibilities on everyday life from work to mental health to distance from recipients.

Rosalynn Carter Institute (RCI) Dealing With Dementia (DWD) Train the Trainer Class is a one-and-a-half-day training, providing participants with all the tools they need to successfully lead RCI’s Dealing with Dementia workshops by connecting with and empowering family and professional caregivers.

Roseanne Corcoran is a member of the Daughterhood Circle. Created by Anne Tumlinson, Daughterhood guides leaders providing confidential community for family caregivers across North America. Roseanne is the host of Daughterhood, The Podcast.

Ryan Wayne Murphy, Physical Therapist & Pain Coach talks about managing and conquering the effect pain has on your life. Catch his clear descriptions of re-training, receptors, recovery, and more.

Sree Chintala is CTO and co-founder of Clocr (short for cloud locker). This is an all-in-one digital legacy planning and disbursement platform” for online accounts and digital assets.

Teepa Snow, clinical specialist in geriatrics offers free dementia care events called Positive Approach to Care. There are courses, training, books and live online events.

Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN wrote “Age-friendly Health Systems” with explanations of the 4 M’s for managing your preferences. She created a system to put health care under your control, suggesting that you visit your local hospital before crises occur.

TimeSlips is training for creative, inter-connective story-telling with seniors to engage their rigor and their value as human beings with personal expression. You learn how to ask and how to give proof of listening as you include the mind and body of individuals or groups theatrically and actively.

Todd Whatley, Certified Elder Law Attorney, and Sara Scott, Long Term Care Expert, discuss topics common to later life on their audio only Answers on Aging podcast.

Tony Trott and Sheri Denkensohn-Trott are Happy on Wheels and contributing to New Mobility Magazine and Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation with significant social media presence: videos, blogs, monthly newsletter, mentoring, and consulting.

Vicki Thomas and colleague Joyce Cohen help others find their purpose: conferences, workshops, on site corporate sessions and one-to-one meetings. They co-host the video podcast Pause for Purpose.

Volunteer Match from the Caregiver Wellness Collective Inc. offers sources for underserved and inequitably-served people groups in the aging demographic seeking community and assistance.