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Join me as I sit down with Christine A. Smith, "GEROpreneur", a renowned thought leader, to unravel the profound impact of TRUST in conquering life's challenges and realizing your utmost potential 🚀

In this captivating conversation, we'll delve into the extraordinary role trust plays in helping individuals triumph over adversity, transform setbacks into stepping stones and ultimately, become the BEST version of themselves 💪✨

This interview is a roadmap to harnessing your resilience and reaching new heights!

Alzheimer's Speak 

Lori La Bey talks with Christine A. Smith about how cared for nearly 100 people in their private homes. She wished she knew about answers, options, and support for the families she served. Christine started Aging Better Network and invited solution creators into LIVE conversations because she wanted to share the resources and innovations she found with as many people as possible. 

E#19: Hosts Russ & Liz welcome Senior Advocate & Author Christine Smith

Host Liz Lawless shares some more strategies from Secret 2 Publishing and Host Russ Johns interviews Senior Advocate & Author Christine Smith about her author adventure and how she found her second career and became an advocate for helping others plan the next chapter in their lives whether Active Senior Living or helping families facing parental health challenges.. 

The Experience Live with Russ & Scott: Christine A. Smith & Elizabeth Miller

Christine is the #AgingEnthusiast, who will guide you through one Aspect of Aging at a time! She is the Author of the "PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal", host of the Aging Better Network and PreAct Your Age podcasts. 

Elizabeth is the Founder of Happy Healthy Caregiver, Certified Caregiving Consultant, Brand Ambassador/Influencer, Keynote Speaker and Author of “Just for You: a Daily Self-Care Journal.” 

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"The Act of Aging, Volume One"

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