Longevity includes continuing to live after others IN your life reach END of life. Losses increase with time. To pre-plan for your emotional well-being, Christine A. Smith gives you a guide to fill your “CareGriever Kit.”

Choosing to create self-care is the beginning of grieving well. Christine describes how to approach this sorrow-soothing practice. She lists many items and ways to use your kit contents. The next wave of grief could be anticipatory or an anniversary. Your future losses could be sudden, subtle, or expected.

Pack your own provisions for a journey on your own terms. Your “CareGriever Kit” is under your control when your emotions and circumstances are not. With it, you decide to sorrow and to smile again. 


52 Aspects of Aging: Dealing with the Emotions of Growing Older

MY GENERATION NEEDS THIS BOOK TO BUILD A BRIDGE, ON THEIR OWN TERMS, INTO THE FUTURE. You and I are mature adults living into the THIRD third of our lives. We don’t have to just 'get through it'—we can OWN IT. “PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal” is our OWNER’S manual.

The details of the future are unknown. Fear of the unknown keeps mature adults from facing their future. We need to face fears to better prepare for success. HERE’S YOUR ANSWER BOOK.

“PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal” is the right tool to prepare WELL and build that bridge. You become informed and you inform others. You build a healthy mindset and PRE-plan for better emotional-relational outcomes.

Identifying 52 common, general Aspects of Aging while working in nearly 100 homes as a hired caregiver, I served alongside my clients’ adult children who wondered about their own aging future.

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